In Regard To Event Safety and Concerns

We know some of you are concerned with the recent reportings of the deaths in the Dominican Republic. We would like to address your concerns in this matter.

As a company and on a personal level, we have been to the DR over 15 times, including the countryside, other resorts, local shopping, excursions, etc. There is not one occasion that where we have ever felt unsafe or threatened. No returning guests have questioned the safety of the resort or the DR.
Although our hearts and prayers go out to the families who are dealing with a loss of a loved one, we feel that many US news outlets are exaggerating and providing a lot of supposition in their stories without any facts from actual toxicology reports. There is also a “piling on” effect going on of people looking to reap financial gain out of this situation. After doing a lot of research on this matter, there are only 3 cases that we are waiting on a toxicology report to discover what has actually happened. All the other deaths have been confirmed as natural.
A few facts we would like to share with you. According to statistics, 55 Americans should die in the DR per year just from heart related issues but 19 die on average per year by drownings, heart related issues, accidents, etc… US deaths in the DR have actually been declining per year. Also, it is statistically safer to be in the DR than in the US, add to that our event is incredibly safe due to the high profile nature of it. Please feel free to watch a CNN and Fox News report about news sensationalism and real statistics on this subject:
Deaths of US citizens in the DR and all over the world have been going on for centuries and for whatever reason the news is reporting each time someone dies in the DR. Can you imagine if a national news outlet reported the death of each US citizen inside of the US? We would all move out of the country.
Also, consider that Breathless is an AMResort. Not one reported issue has happened in an AMResort. You can go to this link to see AMResorts commitment to safety and standards: .
We have plenty of Sanders that are in the medical field as well as plenty of security and systems in place to ensure a safe and stress free vacation.
The State Department has had the DR at a level 2 since the inception of the rating system. It is still at that level and hasn’t changed despite some news reporting agencies. Other countries that are level 2 include France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, UK, Mexico, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, and dozens of other well traveled destinations.
If we felt for a moment that the DR would put anyone in harms way, even more than the State Departments recommendations, we would cancel or move this event. As for now, all acts will be performing and we are looking for another great year.
Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions, concerns or comments.
R&R Productions LLC/ 80’s In The Sand
June 24, 2019